Welcome to LUSSAGO!

We are are the Liverpool University Student Scout and Guide Society.

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Coming up in 2018:

Board games night – joint event with Tabletop society. A night to relax, play games and get competitive.

Climbing night

Rally – one of the national camps, this time being held in Lancaster.

Science Jamboree – supervising kids doing their science badges in the university labs. Great fun for adults and kids alike.

Paracord craft

Christmas social – our now traditional meal followed by ice skating

2018 AGM

Our AGM is going to be held at 8PM on Thursday 8th March, in Activity Space 10 in the Guild of Students.

We will be discussing our activities in the past and next year, as well as electing next year’s committee. Full details of how to stand for committee are on our Facebook group.

Next Up in 2017!

In the following semester we have a bunch of activities and camps that people have the opportunity to go on, here are a few………..

  • Thursday 5th October: City Centre Orinteering, a (now) annual tradition of sending society members around the city in the cold while the committee sits in the warmth of wetherspoons!
  • Thursday 12th October: A badge from 5o years ago, as part of the SSAGO 50th anniversary were gonna attempt (the operative word is attempt) a 50 year old badge with the same criteria back then.
  • Saturday 14th October: Give it a Go! Campfire Bake Off, taster event where we are gonna go to a scout hut in south Liverpool were we are gonna make a campfire and ‘competitively’ cook some food on a open fire. Meet at the guild at 2PM!
  • Friday 20th October – Sunday 22nd October: SSAGO Northern Freshers camp, the first SSAGO camp of the year hosted by HUGS ((Sheffield) Hallam University Guides and Scouts)) with SSAGO groups from across the north west and Yorkshire.

This is just a few of the events and activites we have got planned this semester for a comprehensive list of what we have got planned so far, check out our Upcoming Events page for more!


Our AGM will be held on the 30th of March at 8pm.

It will be in the Liverpool Guild of Students’ building, in Activity Space 8.

Feel free to join us to find out what we have been doing, and see our new committee voted in for next year!

Thursday 13th -Mini Pioneering

This week, we are having a mini-pioneering and games night in preparation for our Give It A Go event.

Meet at 8PM in the same place as last week, just inside the Guild by Starbucks. See you there   We’ll be in the Ken Saro Wiwa room if you’re running late.

If you still haven’t claimed your FREE ticket to our GIAG event on 23rd Oct, you can do so HERE.

6th October: City Centre Orienteering

Our next event will be “City Centre Orienteering”. We will meet outside the Starbucks at the Guild, at about 7:45PM, and will be heading down into the city at 8 ish.

We will be outside for part of the evening so you will need comfy shoes and a coat! You’re all welcome, even if we haven’t met you yet, so please join us!

Join the Facebook group and let us know you’re coming via the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/681119788730179/